Spherical Strange Attractors v0.5 GPU


The version v0.5 of the Strange Attractors program is now available for all Incendia Donors.
This version is a full GPU implementation.

Spherical Strange Attractors

The Snowflake Generator v2.0


A new release of The Snowflake Generator is now available for all Incendia Donors as an standalone installer.
This new release generates large 3D snowflakes in three different export formats: OBJ, STL and SVG.
Insert: An Snowflake rendered in Blender.

Snowflake Generator

Incendia Next v1.7.2


A new release of Incendia Next is now available for Download.
This new release of Incendia Next has many interface changes (the mouse wheel now works for most elements), new controls as well as new baseshapes and fractal generators.
It also have new drawing shader and new block transformations and modified fractal generators.
For a list of changes, please check the Release Notes.
This version of Incendia is compiled with the latest Visual Studio (2022) and it's faster the previous releases.
Incendia NEXT also includes the following programs:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Incendia Next
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