Welcome to Incendia

Incendia is a Fractal Engine that allows you to design and explore multiple the realm of 3D Fractals

The application includes multiple 3D editors for design and process 3D fractals as well as the elements that supports them. Incendia can also exports fractals as meshes, suitable for 3D printing.

Incendia is in development stage and has two version, one free and the donation one.


Free Donation
Procedural Fractal Generators
3D Fractal Editors
Multiple Rendering Styles
(Including volumetric fog and many new render shaders)
Fractal Scripting support.
Creating new fractal types
Antialiasing 2X
Texture library that allow to import external ones
Multicore render engine
3D Baseshapes for Fractal based constructions
Image resolution Up to 3072 px Up to 8192 px
3D Mesh Export Up to 400x400x400 voxels Up to 1200x1200x1200 voxels
Geometrica and Square Quilts Generator (Incendia EX)
Quilts (Incendia Next)
Hexagonal Quilts Generator (Incendia EX)
The Snowflake Generator
Sphere Generator

The current version of Incendia is INCENDIA EX VI

Since Incendia is in a development stage, the program is free and I will ask you for donations in order to support the development of it.


Please support the development of Incendia