Square Quilts

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Square Quilts.png

This program implement variations of the Chaotic Quilts, that appears in the Symmetry in Chaos book.
Each run of the program will render 30 tileable quilts and they will be saved on Incendia default image directory.

There are several variations and for each quilt and the color gradient is selected randomly.

The Quilt resolution is 256x256 pixels and the output format is Windows Bitmap (BMP).
On Incendia, you can use the quilts as a textures as well as surface textures.
They also can works as displacement maps.

Due to the random parameter/variation/gradient selection, not all quilts are interesting.
Sometimes they will just produce blocks of colors or random noise (or even nothing but dots and lines).
If you want to see a brief example, visit The Random Square Quilts Backgrounds page.
For a video of the program working: