Raw Voxel Data Export

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This tutorial is for handling the Raw Voxel data from Incendia volumetric export.
The first part is for the Voxel generation and the second part is an example of how to import it on a Voxel program (3D Coat).
Incendia RAW Voxel Data consist in an array of 8 bit elements on where a value equal or greater 127 is considered solid.

First Part:Generating the Voxel Data

Step 1


  • Run Incendia, select your fractal, and go to the Extra Tab.

Step 2


  • Set the Volumetric Resolution to 400x400x400.
  • Press the Start Volumetric Render Button.

Step 3


  • Once the fractal is well generated, press the Export Volume as RAW file button.

Second Part: Importing the Voxel Data (on 3DCoat)

I'm searching for voxel management programs, and so far only I have found 3DCoat, if you know any other, please let me know!

Step 1


  • Run 3DCoat and select the Voxel sculpting option

Step 2


  • On the File Menu, select the import section and Import Raw Voxel Data option.

Step 3


In the menu, select:

  • Bits: 8
  • Size X: 400
  • Size Y: 400
  • Size Z: 400

This is the voxel resolution, it must be the same resolution as the Incendia Volumetric Resolution.