Mesh Generation using Volumetrica

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This tutorial is for creating a simple fractal pendant using Incendia Volumetrica.

Starting Incendia Volumetrica and selecting the Blocks Interface


1. Open Incendia and select the Blocks Fractal Type
2. Go to the Editor Tab

The Mobius Block generator


1. Open the Transformations panel.
2. Select the Edit Generators control.


1. Select the Mobius generator.
2. Close the Edit Generators control.
3. Close the Transformation editor.

The Sphere baseshape


1. Open the Baseshape editor.
2. Click on the New button and choose the sphere baseshape.
3. Change the iteration Depth to a value of 10 and close the baseshape editor.

Choosing the 3D fractal


1. Once both editors are closed, press the New Fractal button. If the resul is a collection of stray dust, press the button again.


1. If the fractal looks stable, use it.

Adjusting the Sphere baseshape


1. Adjust the radius of the sphere baseshape, until you get an interesting result.

Adding the Torus baseshape


1. Open the baseshape editor and press the New button.
2. Select the Torus baseshape in the baseshape browser.
3. Go to the Control tab.


1. Adjust the position of the Torus baseshape by moving the the mouse in the baseshape preview panel while the left mouse button is pressed.
2. Change the torus baseshape orientation by using the fixed rotation control (FRot)option.
3. Return to the Shape tab.


1. Adjust the torus parameters until you like the results. 2. Close the baseshape editor.

Model Scaling and Orientation


1. Press the Reset Position, Reset Rotation and Scale buttons.
2. In the Fixed View control select the U (Up view) option.
3. Zoom out the model by used the Zoom slider.

Starting the Volumetric mesh generation


1. Go to the Extra tab.
2. Change the volumetric resolution (larger values generate better results).
3. Press the Start Volumetric Render button.


1. The the volumetric render mode start to work, the wheel will turns.
2. Check the preview of the voxel matrix, since it will shows the current shape of the fractal. Mind that in Volumetrica, the baseshapes interior are filled so wait for a time.
3. Use the Volumetric Edge Length slider to change the actual size of the exported mesh.

Mesh Export


1. Press the Export Volume as STL mesh button in order to create the 3D model. 2. Wait until the progress bar is completed. You can either close Incendia or left it working while you ispect the results. The volumetric render will continue until you press the Close the Volumetric mode button.

Opening in MeshLab


Open the resulting model in Meshlab.
You can use Meshlab to smooth the results, by selecting one of the mesh filters.


1. Go to the Filters panel.
2. Select the Smoothing, Fairing and Deformation section.
3. Select the Laplacian Smooth filter.


With the Laplacian Smooth filter, unselect the Cotangent weighting option and mark the Preview option. You can get a view of the result. Apply the changes.

The final result