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Incendia Expanded (EX) is an experimental version of Incendia mainly dedicated to introduce new features and technologies to Incendia

Unlike the current Incendia versions, that are optimized for speed, the Expanded ones are mostly centered on the incorporation of features.

The following table shows the features by release of Incendia Expanded:

Incendia Expanded Version Features Added Description
I Volumetric Mesh Generator Volumetric Generation of 3D Meshes
I Radiolaria Fractals New Fractal types
I Spiky Julia Variations New Fractal types
I Scroll and Double Scroll IFS New Fractal types
I 3D Kleinians New Fractal type
I Opengl Video Configuration Changes the graphics configuration
I STL Mesh II New Baseshape Type
I The Ambient Occlusion Shader Changed the Radius limit from 100 to 500
I Spheris New Incendia Script command
I Radial Random Variations New Fractal Generators for IFS
I Mesh Generation Basics Tutorial for generating meshes
II Advanced Tab New Tab in the Render Panel
II Baseshape Colors Tab New Color definition Tab on the Baseshape Editor
II Gradient Controls Controls for managing gradients in the baseshape editor
II Tornado New Baseshape
II Color Point Preview The fast preview now shows the baseshape colors if gradients are enabled
II Color Blend Modes Eight Color Blending modes
II Hyperbolic Tessellations Symmetries enabled for Hyperbolic Tessellations
II Gamma Correction Added a Gamma Correction control
II Gradient Tutorial Basic Tutorial for gradients on baseshapes
II Gradient and Textures Tutorial Continuation of the Gradient Tutorial, this time dealing with surface textures.
III Incendia HZ New Incendia version for High Definition Z Buffers
III Fractal Pagoda New Fractal Type
III Hyperbolic Tessellations II New Fractal Type
III Quaternion Julia 2 New Fractal Type
III Glow New Render Effect
III Color Ambient Occlusion New Render Effect
III Process Priority New option for managing Incendia priority
III Baseshape Modifiers New editor option for distorting baseshapes
III Baseshape Distorts New control for distorting baseshapes
III Baseshape Arrays New Control for creating circular and square arrays of baseshapes
III Volumetric Mesh Generator Volumetric Render Preview
III Dome New Baseshape