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Gradient Controls.jpg

The Gradient Controls are located in to Baseshape Editor Color Tab.
These controls operates the gradient iteration color method.
This method assign every color of the gradient array (starting with the slot 1) to the iteration depth count.
The Gradient controls are:

The Gradient Browser
Gradient Browser.jpg

  • Browser Arrow buttons, for navigating the gradient library.
  • Gradient Preview, shows the gradient from the gradient library.
  • Load Ex button, for importing external gradients (as FRACTINT map files).
  • The Use button, select the gradient from the gradient preview panel.
  • The Random button, uses the internal random gradient generator.

The Selected Gradient
Selected Gradient.jpg
This is the actual gradient that the baseshape iteration will use.
The iteration count will utilize the colors starting from the upper left section, and it will select from left to right and from top to down until the last color is selected (the botton right one), and will restart again from the upper left if the baseshape uses more than 256 iterations.
If you want to save the active gradient, you can use the Save Map button, that will export the gradient as a fractint map file and will import it to the gradient library for the next Incendia restart.