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This simple tutorial is for making the first basic render using Incendia NEXT.
The tutorial enumerates every step in the simplest possible way.

Step 1

Incendia NextTutorial1 1.png

1. When you start Incendia NEXT, use the New Fractal button in order to generate new random fractals.

Step 2

Incendia NextTutorial1 2.png

2. Once you find an interesting Fractal, press the Preview for visualizing it in 3D.

Step 3

Incendia NextTutorial1 3.png

3. Use the Render button to start the render process.

Step 4

Incendia NextTutorial1 4.png

4. Once the render process starts, you will see a turning wheel.
5. Go to the Render Tab once you consider that the fractal looks complete.

Step 5

Incendia NextTutorial1 5.png

6. Press the Save Bitmap button in order to export the fractal to a BMP file. A Save dialog will appear and you can select the filename and the directory.

Step 6

Incendia NextTutorial1 6.png

7. A progress bar will become visible and it will show the saving progress.

Step 7

Incendia NextTutorial1 7.png

8. Once the file is exported, you can resume the fractal render process by pressing the Continue button.