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This Panel divided in four principal sections:



Incendia uses the Fog Shader in order to enhance the fractals depth perception.
The Fog Shader Controls are:

  • Fog Color, Let you to define the actual color of the fog, also it includes a gradient browser, for gradient based fog.
  • Parameters, This control defines the Density and Spread of the Fog Shader (Parameters A and B).
  • Use Background as Fog Source, Instead of a single color or a gradient, the Fog color is taken from the Background.



The Background controls are the following:

  • Background Type
    • SkyLight, Skylight simulation based on the light position. The skylight colors are from the “A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight” paper.
      • Sun Turbidity, This parameter the amount of dust in the skylight simulation. The effect is to redden the atmosphere at higher values.
  • Images or Textures, As its names implies, the background can be a texture or an image. This option opens an Procedural Texture generator.
    • Load Img., used for loading an external image for the background. The format of the image can be BMP, PNG or JPG.
    • Procedural Texture Panel, Use this panel for selecting the texture for the background.
      • New Set, Generates a new set of procedural textures.
      • Select, Uses the selected textures and renders it for the background.
  • Background Reflection, When enabled, the object in the scene will reflect the background. Useful for integrating the scene with the background.
    • Affected by Fog, When enabled, the reflection brightness is affected by the current fog values.

Drawing Shaders


Incendia supports six types of drawing shaders selectable by this control is enabled.
The supported drawing shaders are::

  • Grayscale: Colors are turned into grayscale intensities.
  • Black and White: Random distribution of black points determined by color intensity.
  • Standard: This option tries to mimic a drawing on a paper.
  • Radial Gradient: The colors are determined by gradient slope.
  • Angular Gradient: The colors are defined by the angular direction of the gradient.
  • Color Shaded: This option combines the actual color shading with the standard drawing type, creating an image with outlines.

Volumetric Fog


Volumetric Fog color components
These three parameters controls the Red, Green and Blue elements of the volumetric fog. If the values are positive, the fog color is added to the image, by the contrary, if they are negative, the fog will be subtracted from the image.

The Reset Environment Parameters Button


This button restore the default values in the environment parameters.