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Incendia Next v1.0.3

PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:42 pm
by Aexion
This is a major update for Incendia NEXT


New included Programs:
1. Geometrica, External mesh generator for Incendia Next.
2. Hexquilts, Tiled Hexagonal Strange Attractor Generator.

- Incendia Procedural Generators
The procedural generators are now available for the following sections:
1. Ambient and Diffuse Textures
2. Background
3. Baseshape Surface Textures
4. Displacement Map Baseshapes
5. Secondary Lights Texture Gels

- New Blocks Generators:
1. Combination (Merge different Generators)
2. Lines and Curves
3. Spiral Flames II
4. Symmetric Flames
5. Flames and Trees
6. Triangles and Tetras
7. Spirals III
8. Crown
9. Julia Set Flames

- New Baseshapes:
1. Open shell
2. Open Cylinder
3. Open Rounded Box
4. Open Polygon
5. Triangular Catenoid
6. Axial Sphere
7. Axial Octahedron
8. Axial Box
9. Rounded Torus Knot
10. Tubular Loxodrome
11. Segmented Sphere
12. Segmented Bicone
13. Segmented Octahedron
14. Cg Sphere
15. Snowflake Set

- New Raycasting Ambient Occlusion shader, for generating high cuality AO renders (experimental!)


- New Background Reflection option:


- New Baseshape Clone button



- Dropped Windows XP compatibility, it's still available if there's many requests.

- The mousewheel area are now restricted to the preview panel.

- The Spherical controls now include point guides for better aliniation.

- Render Preview now runs on an interval of 10 seconds, in order to not slow the interface.

- The preview panel no longer clears itself when a fractal is saved to the disk.

- New volumetric render preview. This time it shows more clearly the rendering volume (experimental).

- Incendia Support Programs are now in 64bit:
1. Quilts
2. Hexquilts
3. Geometrica
4. Snowflake
5. Sphere

Fractal Generation:

- Added several new block transformations.

- Probability controls are now visible and functional (int he transformation panel).

- The "Send to Blocks" button is now below the Fractal Type control.


- Added Procedural Generators for Ambient and Diffuse textures.

- Added Procedural Generator for the fractal background.

- The entire Environment panel has been redesigned, now the different selections are grouped in their own type.

- The Shader panel is also reorganized.

- Added a text warning on the Shader Panel (the shader effects are only visible when rendering the final image).

- The Fresnel equation now can be applied to different material slots. Also the controls are moved from the Environment to the Render/Advanced Tab

- Secondary Light sources include a Procedural panel for generating light gels.

- Secondary Light source radius is now unlimited.

- Removed the limit of the glow shader iterations and also added the control for integrating the shader with the existing background

- Color maps now uses floating point values, instead of integers.


- Displacement Baseshapes now include a Preview panel

- Procedural Generator for Displacement baseshapes.

- Baseshapes can be Saved, Loaded and Appended. The new format is binary and includes all baseshape data (Meshes, DMaps and Textures).

- You can now Clone baseshapes using the baseshape clone button.

Bugs solved:

- When the volumetric mode is on, the camera controls are now disabled, in order to prevent the smearing of the volume render.

- The Grids are now visible even if the render mode is enabled

- The mesh output now gives the correctly oriented mesh.

- The fast preview in the baseshape editor and the transformation editor now reflects the color mode.

Incendia Support Programs:

Geometrica 1.2:

- Geometrica now supports STL mesh output, for both the single baseshapes and generated fractal meshes.

- The recursion and resolution sliders now works after the release of the mouse button, in order to prevent recursion or resolution overflowing.

- The 64bit installer now install the 64bit version of Geometrica.

- The internal mesh generator now works in an alternate pattern, for better approximation of curved surfaces.

Quilts 1.1:

- Color maps are now in floating point format, and also the control are moved to the Attractor Tab

- Quilts now supports Tiled Image renders, with a resolution up to 8192x8192 pixels. The controls are in the Render Tab.

- Four New antialiasing factors for increasing the attractor quality.

HexQuilts 1.0:

HexQuilts is a new program for replacing the old Hextile. Both program renders tiled symmetric strange attractors.
The program supports two sets (each one of 30 variations) of transformations.

For more information, please visit the IncendiaWiki

The Snowflake Generator 1.2:

- Now The Snowflake Generator support 64bit and its included on the 64bit donors version of Incendia NEXT.

Sphere 1.0:

- Now The Sphere generator support 64bit and its included on the 64bit donors version of Incendia NEXT.


Incendia Next


Some examples:

Just press the Change Background button in order to randomly change the background.