Incendia Next v1.0.1

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Incendia Next v1.0.1

Postby Aexion » Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:19 am

The second release of Incendia Next is now available for download.
This version is a bug fix version and also has some enhancements.
Incendia nows works on all GPU systems. Previous Incendia didn't works on integrated gpus due to an unsupported OpenGL extension.
Also, most screen resolutions are now supported, in the first releases low screen resolutions causes the program to crash.
This version doesn't replace any previous Incendia versions, being an standalone program.
Geometrica and the Quilts are still in developing state. On next release the will become available.
The donors version now includes The Sphere Generator, a mesh generator that uses several interpolation methods for creating spherical meshes and The Snowflake Generator.

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