About Incendia

Incendia is a 3D fractal program that is the result of a combination of many fractal experiments that I have made over the time (I have started with fractals since 1989).

The main objective of Incendia is to make 3D fractal generation as simple as possible. In order to achieve that goal, the interface was made as simple as possible.

Most (not all) of the fractals of Incendia are IFS attractors, which are the fastest method for rendering complex 3D fractals.

Incendia's approach to render 3D fractal is a straightforward one, since instead of rendering the 3D pure fractal, it lets the user select different shapes (known as Baseshapes), that in turn converge to the 3D fractal.

This approach is an artistic one, and lets the user explore the mostly unexplored world of the 3D fractal art.

Since its creation, Incendia has been used by many artists over different social networks (such as Deviantart).

Incendia renders have been portrayed in fractal galleries, prints, almanacs, music albums portraits, even cards. Since the approach is 3D, it has been used as a base for fractal architecture too.

Since the interface is very simple, almost everyone can use Incendia, and no specific fractal knowledge is needed for using it. The program has been a donationware since its beginnings and users that have donated receive in exchange a high resolution version, that allows to render large fractal images.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Ramiro Perez (Aexion), I'm an IT professional living in Spain.

My experience is mostly in 3D programming as well as graphic design (in both 2D and 3D).

As an IT professional, my experience isnetwork security as well as network design strategies.