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    Important Announcement

Due to the financial difficulties that I am having, future development of Incendia can't continue without donations. As incentive all donors (present, past and hopefully future) will receive a HI Rez version of Incendia EX (render sizes up to 8192x8192 and mesh volumes up to 1200x1200x1200 voxels) and the advanced version of Geometrica, Volumetrica, The Snowflake Generator, the Square and Hexagonal quilts generators.

Incendia EX VI Release 4

Tested on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

This is a new release of Incendia EX VI, that includes several new features, such as new baseshapes and modifiers, new shader options and several interface enhancements. It also fixes several bugs from the previous Incendia release. Also, Volumetrica includes a new features for 3D printing.

This version includes Volumetrica, Geometrica and the Square Quilts generator.

Download Incendia EX VI R4 Download Incendia EX VI R4 x64 installer.